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Not So Weird Science(Or why this stuff is so great)

MyHy is based on science that’s proven, not outdated.

Competitor Data – 8oz Serving Size
Product Calories Sugar(g) Sodium(mg) Potassium(mg)
Gatorade 50 14 100 30
Sqwincher 60 16 55 45
Sqwincher Zero 0 0 55 45
MyHy Active 30 6 320 65
MyHy Zero Pure 0 0 250 40
MyHy Zero Flavored 5 0 250 40

Fact: Water Alone Cannot Keep Your Body Properly Hydrated

Electrolytes (especially Sodium) are vital to the process.

Water droplet carrying Sodium

Did You Know?

Water Acts as the Main Transport for Electrolytes Into the Body

We Take Dehydration Seriously

Dehydration is commonly understood as too little water in the body. Truthfully, it’s much more complicated. Dehydration is actually a process whereby the body suffers from excess fluid loss (water and electrolytes) without proper replenishment.

Dehydration Complications

Muscle Weakness

Muscle Weakness

Increased Heart Rate

Increased Heart Rate

Impaired Reflexes & Judgement

Impaired Reflexes & Judgement





Did You Know?

The First Sign of Dehydration is Thirst

From Pro Quarterback to King of Hydration

Despite being an athlete his entire life, Matt Flynn didn’t give much thought to the impact of sweating until his time as a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. There, he formed a relationship with a top athletic nutritionist who created a tailored hydration regimen for Matt by studying his own sweat. The new protocol was such a game changer for Matt’s performance that it inspired him to make a product just as effective, easier to mix, and available to everyone.

With a team of top university scientists, PhD researchers, flavor experts, and professional athletes, Matt launched into a two-year phase of testing and tweaking his master formula. The finished product, MyHy, is a great tasting, modern approach to hydration.

Today, Matt’s passion is continuously fueled by sharing MyHy with the workforce, for whom better hydration is essential due to the daily constraints and demands of their environments.

Sweat Studies:
Not Your Typical College Major.

Through numerous trials and analysis conducted during our sweat studies, we found that replenishing the proper amounts of electrolytes lost through sweat is necessary in maintaining proper hydration. The more accurately you replenish exactly what lose through sweat, the more likely you are to maintain a hydration balance that leads to peak performance.

90% of the Electrolytes Lost in a Drop of Sweat is Sodium

Debunking the Sodium Myths

Contrary to its checkered reputation, sodium is the most important electrolyte for optimum hydration. The mineral is essential for muscle function, nerve impulses, and overall health.

In sweaty environments, the amount of sodium our body loses is staggering. Drinking only water or ‘low sodium’ products is NOT good enough. It is extremely important to replace the sodium that is lost to maintain normal physical and mental performance.

Our formula, based on sweat studies and physiological research, mirrors the concentration of sweat in humans. *With  3x-6x the electrolytes of competitors, MyHy is not only the first choice for employee safety — it’s a choice that’s second to none.

You may have seen electrolyte drinks labeled as “Low Sodium.” So, is sodium good or bad?

Sodium: Your Buddy

Sodium: The Body's Best Friend

Contrary to its checkered reputation, sodium is an essential mineral for muscle function, nerve impulses, and overall health. Without the right balance of sodium the consequences could be disastrous.

If your body is a city that never sleeps, sodium is the lightbulb that powers it. It’s an electrolyte that carries electricity needed by your cells, tissues, and fluids to properly direct their electrical impulses.

It’s no secret that losing excessive amounts of sodium through sweat can cause muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, shock, coma, and in extreme cases, even death.

In other words, sodium replacement is your ally to health and optimal performance.

The Goldilocks Effect

Too Little Sodium

Too Little Sodium

Can be harmful (Most sports drinks) 

Just Right

Just Right

MYHY has the proper balance of sodium & other electrolytes

Too Much Sodium

Too Much Sodium

Can also be harmful (Several hydration formulas)

Sugar And Sodium –— The Dynamic Duo

No one is more fit to help you stay hydrated than sugar and sodium combined. Sodium’s got the power that your cells need to replenish while a bit of sugar brings the speed! MyHy Active uses this scientific advantage to your benefit. In our formula, sodium climbs on sugar’s back like an eagle and soars into your bloodstream at a rapid pace.

The MyHy Active product is 2.5% sugar – this is the perfect amount to speed up the rate of hydration, and it’s still less than half of the sugar contained in other products.

Work besties, amigos, hydration superheroes – call them what you will, sodium and sugar are the essential, inseparable pair of ingredients your active body needs to stay safe and avoid dehydration.

With th right amount of sugar, electrolytes like sodium hit your bloodstream like a rocket helping you to rehydrate more efficiently.

Why Pay to Pee?

Most electrolyte drinks on the market today are made with ingredients the body neither needs nor wants. Companies put all sorts of stuff in their drinks: un-useful electrolytes, vitamins, proprietary blends, etc. that your body either doesn't need or can't metabolize. Those products are what we like to call "Expensive Pee". MyHy replenishes exactly what your body needs without adding anything it doesn’t.

Pretty smart if you ask us.

With expensive expensive electrolyte drinks you may be flushing a lot of your hard-earned cash!

Hydrate with Quality, Not Quantity.

You know why electrolytes are important. Did you also know you don’t have to guzzle down every electrolyte under the sun to battle dehydration?

That’s because a normal balanced diet replaces the electrolytes magnesium and calcium. We’ve strategically formulated MyHy to instead replace the critical electrolytes sodium and potassium. These guys do the heavy lifting that your body needs to support hydration efforts quickly and efficiently.

The bottom line: all electrolytes need your love, but only two need to be chugged! Your mental and physical performance depends just as much on the quality of what you put in your body as the quantity.

Quality Electrolytes help you perform at your peak.

To Hydrate With Speed, MyHy Active's What You Need

MyHy Active's formula is designed to quickly re-hydrate you during activities. It enables your body to absorb water and electrolytes into your system faster by harnessing thepower of sugar. We use sugar the right way, in strategic quantities that optimize absorption, and NOT for added taste. In short, MyHy Active hydrates your body with soaring speed.

MyHy Zero Is A Hydration Hero

MyHy Zero’s hydration formula works now and continues to work later with no sugar for pre and post workout recovery. That means it’s ideal for anytime hydration when your body is at rest and not in need of a sugar boost. It’s also perfect for those with sugar sensitivities.

Did You Know?

MYHY Zero PURE is virtually flavorless so it can be used to turn nearly any drink into a sports drink!

Mix, Drink & Soar With MyHy

MyHy, a new, sweat-study-based liquid electrolyte mix, was created to battle dehydration by replenishing your body with exactly what it needs.

Soar To Your Highest Potential

  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners
  • Backed by Sweat Studies
  • Made with Only Enough Sugar to Speed Absorption
  • 3x - 6x the Electrolytes of Competitors
  • No Nonsense
Now You Know! (And Knowing is Pretty Damn Cool!)