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Our Story So Far

Like most athletes and active people, Matt Flynn sweats. It’s something he’s done his entire life as a high school, college and professional championship athlete. Aside from the need for frequent reapplications of deodorant, Matt didn’t give much thought to the impact of sweating until his time as quarterback with the Green Bay Packers.

There, Matt formed a relationship with one of the world’s top athletic nutritionists, a scientist with years of experience helping professional athletes, Olympians and extreme sports stars achieve their highest potential. He performed a series of sweat studies on Matt and put him on a unique hydration protocol designed to replenish specifically what Matt needed without the unnecessary add-ons commonly found in sports drinks. For Matt, it was a huge game changer. A factor that allowed him to consistently perform better than he ever had.

Unless you’re an eagle, chances are you sweat. That’s why I developed MyHy, an electrolyte mix formulated through sweat studies to help your performance soar to a new high!


That’s when Matt made it his mission to design a product that hydrated better, was better for you, easier to use than other electrolyte mixes on the market and available to everyone. With a team of sweat scientists, PhD researchers and flavor experts, Matt spent two years evaluating, testing and tweaking his master formula. One of his key goals was to give everyone access to the same advantages professional athletes have.

The result is MyHy (short for My Hydration), a liquid electrolyte drink-mix formulated to restore exactly what you lose when you sweat. It uses clean, all-natural ingredients and no unnecessary sugars or flavors. MyHy can easily be added to any beverage allowing you to create a sports drink with any drink. Because it’s based on sweat studies and formulated to match the concentration of sweat, MyHy gives everyone the closest thing to a tailored hydration.