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MYHY Active

MyHy Active has everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Since sweat studies show that sodium loss peaks while you’re active, we formulated MyHy Active with an increased amount of electrolytes and strategic amounts of real sugar to get you re-hydrated faster. It’s no coincidence that our mix matches the amount of electrolytes you lose during activity. Talk about masterful design!

What's In It For You?

But How Does It Taste?

Tastes Like Orange with a Straw
Tastes Like Fruit Threw a Punch
Tastes Like Lemon Smacked a Lime

Size Matters

Single Serves

Perfect for hydration on-the-go, our Single Serves mix with 16 oz of water for a refreshing drink.

5 Count Single Serve Box

When 1 single just won't cut it.

50 Count Single Serve Box

When 5 singles just won't cut it.